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How to hang a picture frame with Steve
25 June 2022
1 min read

How to hang a picture frame on a wall

In this video, Steve shows you how to hang your picture on a wall with the new fixings supplied with our large wall products.

When you open the packaging of your large wall product, when you turn it around and look at the back you’ll see the new fixings supplied with the product.

The two fixings are attached to the both vertical sides of the frame. A hook is taped to both.

The hook will screw to a wall and will sit inside the middle of the fixing on the diagonal saw teeth.

The method for positioning the frame on the wall is first to establish how high you want it. Put it where you want it and measure from the bottom of the frame to the floor. Then measure from the bottom of the frame to the top of the fixing on the rear of the picture. Add the two measurements together and draw a horizontal line on the wall at that height.

Draw a vertical line crossing the horizontal as you centre point. Look and the back of the frame and measure the distance between the two fixings. Divide the number by two and measure that distance in both directions from the centre point. These two points are where you drill your holes for the hooks.

Once the hooks are fitted to the wall you can hang the frame on them. The hook goes inside the saw tooth fixing and the diagonal saw tooth sits on the hook.

Sit a spirit level on top of the frame. You can adjust the level to the horizontal because the diagonal saw tooth fixing behind the frame will level up or down a degree at a time.