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March 2020 update
23 March 2020
2 min read

March 2020

When The Best Thing to Do is Nothing!

I don’t know about you, but I feel a little conflicted about sheltering safely at home while brave people in our communities are out there on the front line, saving lives, producing food, delivering it to shops and serving us in the supermarkets. I think we just have to accept that by staying home we are all doing our bit to get us through this pandemic.

We have an increased appreciation for teachers, having attempted home schooling for just two weeks. To be fair, Georgina has been doing most of the lessons as I find it so frustrating to keep our boy focused on his tasks. How patient his teachers, LSA’s and one to one support must be to keep him working on the curriculum.

Phoning a friend of mine last week who is a police officer. He told me how all of his colleagues just want to be out there helping the public stay safe. They are having to take extraordinary steps to protect themselves from the virus. But all do it happily because they see the big picture and know this is a real turning point in history.

Then during my one journey a week from the house to the supermarket, those interactions at safe distance with people take on a new significance. The conversation with the checkout staff isn’t just chit-chat. We are genuinely concerned with each others welfare. I want to know how her employer is keeping her safe because I understand what a risk she is taking turning up to work.

The welfare of others is the reason we are self isolating. I don’t think any of us believe Covid-19 will kill us. We are concerned we will get it and pass it on to a vulnerable person and they will die. Our society is coming together to protect itself. Protecting the health and well-being of people we do not know or will ever meet is the mission of each and everyone of us.

I think we are also making the most of our isolation. Time is a precious commodity none of us seem to have enough of in this busy modern world. Now the world has stopped and we have nothing but time we are reconnecting with family and friends.

I’ve spoken with friends and family from all over the country and abroad to see how they are. In a normal week I never think to pick up the phone because I’m so busy. Now when their face pops into my head I’m straight onto skype to see how they are.

The kids are showing the kind of resilience that kids have but are never usually forced to demonstrate. Our two understand the situation and are just getting on with it! We were concerned we would run out of things to keep to kept them entertained, but kids are still kids and with a few props their imagination takes them on new and exciting journeys.

This experience will have life changing effects for all of us, key workers on the front line or those self isolating. I think we will come away with a new found realising of how inter connected we all are. Not just our communities, our country…but the whole world. I’d like to think that’s something we can hold on to and transform this world into a world we are all proud of.

Stay home, stay safe and we’ll see you on the other side. – Steve