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how to paint a photographic studio floor white
27 June 2022
1 min read

Studio Floor Painting

In this video Steve shows you how we paint our studio floor white for Blitz Photography’s contemporary photoshoots.

How we paint it with is a question we are asked a lot.

We use Manor floor paint. It’s is applied with a regular decorating roller with a long extension handle. It takes me about 25 minutes to cover the whole floor of the studio which is 35 square metres in area.

It’s a job week do every 3 months or so to keep the floor nice and white. It has a lot of traffic on it and it does discolour with time.

I work back across the room toward one of the doors in the corner. You literally have to paint yourself into a corner so you can get out of the studio to let your work dry.

Drying usually take 24 hour and the space is ready to use right away.