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Passport and Visa Photos

Professional photos taken in our Gosport Studio

UK passport photos are available either printed for a paper applications or with digital codes for use with an online application.

Passport pictures are taken professionally in our studio and are all guaranteed.

With our online service we can ensure UK passport photos pass the first round of checks in store so you don’t have to worry about having to make a second application.

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How do I use the new ID Photo Codes?

Just 3 simple steps:
  1. Find an IDPC compliant photographer to take your photograph (You're in the right place)
  2. You then receive an email containing your unique ID Photo Code
  3. Enter your ID Photo Code into your online UK passport application

That's it, Job Done!

Why should I use ID Photo Codes?

  • It's now the easiest and most secure way to attach your ID Photo to your passport application.
  • Your ID photo will be biometrically checked with HMPO regulations to ensure it passes their passport photo requirements whilst you're still at our studio
  • Online UK passport applications are £19.25* cheaper than the Post Office 'Check & Send' service

Pricing Detail

Both printed and digital photos are £15 each or you can choose to have both for £20.

Printed photos come in sets of six and are 35mm x 45mm.

US and Indian visa photos are available in printed or digital versions.

American Visa photos are £20 for a set of two printed standard 51mm x 51mm images. Single digital copies are also £20 or you can choose to have both printed and digital for £25.

Printed Standard Canadian passport size photos are available in sets of two. They are signed on the back with our address and name as the Canadian passport service requires and cost £20.

Stand-by passport shots are available but we recommend booking in advance, if you pop in we will fit you in if our studio is available.

*prices correct at the time of publishing this web page.

Passport/Visa photos from just £15

Printed/Digital photos are £15 each or you can choose to have both for £20.

American Printed/Digital Visa photos are £20 or you can choose to have both for £25.

Printed Standard Canadian passport size photos are £20.

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Where can I get an ID Photo Code for my passport application?

Look for ID photo specialists displaying this 'IDPC Compliant' logo as they can generate ID Photo Codes that comply with the format & regulations as stipulated by HMPO which includes a secure process for storing and transferring your digital ID photo.

Please note that some automatic photo booths supply photo codes, but they DO NOT check your image with the HMPO system to ensure it passes their passport photo requirements. This can waste your time and money as quite often their photos produce an image check fail at the passport application stage and you have to start all over again.

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Any further questions?

We hope we’ve answered any questions you have about how we work. If you have something more specific on your mind, we’d be happy to help.

You can email us here or call us on 023 92 501 291