Steve & George, owners of Blitz Photography together in the reception area of the studio

A Bit About Us

Steve and I have been married for a many years, we have two children and a dog.

When you have a baby people often tell you ’they don’t stay little for long’ and whilst some days when my babies were little felt really long! the weeks, months and years have flown by and now we have 2 teenagers!

Since 2012 we have worked together, Steve is our Photographer and I look after the admin.

Our History?

Steve’s photography journey, started in 1988 as a newspaper photographer, he covered many local and national stories, including renowned personalities like the Queen, four U.S. presidents, and seven British prime ministers.

He visited a war zone, three space shuttle launches and travelled many miles photographing Football, even getting to Wembley with Pompey on two occasions.

Then one day he came home, when our children were little and said it was time for a change.  That statement was the beginning of Blitz.

My background is in administration, and I spent many years working for HMRC. It’s a little different working for yourself, but I wouldn’t change a thing.

We opened Blitz in October 2012, building a studio we would want our family to visit. When you arrive you’d notice the lights hang from the ceiling and the furniture is all sturdy.  We strive to make the place ideal for my son, when he was younger.  We want you to  have a relaxed, enjoyable time, having fun with your children and family will give you the most natural looking photographs.

Life Long Learning!

Since 2012 Steve has continue to train and has qualified as a portrait associate with the Master Photographers Association, the Society of Portrait and Wedding Photographers and the British Institute of Professional Photographers

And he has won many awards, including the MPA International Lifestyle & Location Award in 2017, MPA South of England Portrait Photographer of the Year 2022 and MPA South of England Under 5’s Photographer of the Year 2021.You can see these on display at the studio.

Pictures make great memories and memories make great pictures, so our goal at Blitz is to keep all our story tellers returning year on year by offering fun, laughter and a great time in the studio!

Every family has a story and we believe it’s our job to help people who visit Blitz tell theirs.

Georgina     An image with George, the joint of owner of Blitz, and her son John.

Steve in a Red Snowsuit whilst on a photograph

Steve on assignment in 1995