A Blue UK Passport
A Blue UK Passport

Passport, Visa and ID Photos

We offer a digital or paper passport/ID photo service.  Digital codes are for use for an online application. We can check your photograph meets all the requirements for your application to be successful, before you leave.

Passport pictures are taken professionally in our studio and are all guaranteed.
With our online service we can ensure UK passport photos pass the first round of checks in store so you don’t have to worry about having to make a second application.

Why should I use ID Photo Codes?

  • It’s now the easiest and most secure way to attach your ID Photo to your passport application.
  • Your ID photo will be biometrically checked with HMPO regulations to ensure it passes their passport photo requirements whilst you’re still at our studio

    How do I use the new ID Photo Codes for a Passport Application?

    Just 3 simple steps:

    1. Make An Appointment to visit us.
    2. You then receive an email containing your unique ID Photo Code
    3. You click on the link within your email, enter your details and select the ‘I have a Digital Code’ option to enter the code shown in your email. Online UK passport applications are £82.50 whilst a paper application is £93.  £19.25* cheaper than the Post Office ‘Check & Send’ service

Other ID Photo Services

Digital Photo Codes can also be used for:


US and Indian visa photos are available in printed or digital versions.

American Visa photos are provided as a set of two printed standard 51mm x 51mm images.

Printed Standard Canadian passport size photos are available in sets of two. They are signed on the back with our address and name as the Canadian passport service requires.

Stand-by passport shots are available but we recommend booking in advance, if you pop in we will fit you in if our studio is available.


Passport – Printed or Digital Code £15

Both printed and digital photos for £20.

Printed photos come in sets of six and are 35mm x 45mm.

Visa – Printed or Digital £20

Both printed and digital photos for £25

Booking An Appointment

Walk In appointments are available if the studio is free but we strongly suggesting booking an appointment by calling us on 02392 501291 or contact us with your preferred date by clicking here.